Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Greater Well-Being

Quite a paradox, isn't it?  Start by being okay as you are NOW and then seek the changes you want for yourself and your life.  Radical acceptance, as you might call it, is not  part of the default process of your mind (you might even be noticing you don't care for the word "acceptance").  When we think something is not as it should be, we set about trying to fix it.  And collectively, we've solved a lot of problems in the world. However, in our own lives we can be our own worst enemy and undermine our efforts to live a more meaningful, satisfying life.  (You might think about going to Dr. Kristin Neff's site as a preview and see how you fare on her test of self-compassion. Bring your results to the class if you wish!)

Limited to 12 participants.  Next class date tbd
$30 per person.

You and Your Brain: Knowledge is Power

Join this class with Dr. Fuhr, former Associate Professor of Psychology, for a fun and enlightening tour of some of the deep processes going on under your skull.  Ever feel at odds with yourself?  Wonder why you can't control certain thoughts and feelings? Spend a lot of time in "woulda/coulda/shoulda" or "what if" land?  Relax. You are in good company!  It's called being human.  Come find out how to maximize the flexible parts of your mind to tame the "Scooby" brain and find greater fulfillment in the here-and-now. 
Limited to 15 participants.  Next class TBD. $30 per person.
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A life coach like Dr. Susan is not

  • a counselor or therapist or a best friend

  • focusing "on dysfunction, diagnosis, symptoms or the past" (Julia Stewart, School of Coaching Mastery)

  • required to be a licensed or certified professional  [Dr. Susan will not be providing services as a Psychologist]

  • covered by health insurance

  • going to tell you what you should do or what decisions are best for you

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