You're feeling adrift or out of sorts, and you've got a good idea of changes you'd like to make. It's time to revisit and reaffirm your skills and interests and reclaim your goals. Perhaps you've been on a kind of autopilot for a while and need a friendly push in a more meaningful direction? An enthusiastic, supportive partner can give you some energizing ideas, encourage and support your larger vision, and kindly notice the blind spots getting in your way (you're only human, after all). You're ready for 2018 to be one of your most fulfilling years!


A writing journal of your choice, materials for a vision collage, a handy wallet card of "Word Prisons," a personalized "Box of the Past," a folder with many brain-friendly recommendations, and access to a compendium of online resources for mindfulness and other good brain food.



Please bring the Coaching Agreement when we first meet; you need not sign it until we have a chance to review it together. And because your values are our most important guide, please take some time to review this sample of life values. Be ready to share the SEVEN of greatest importance to you at this time.

   Optional questionnaires to complete and share: 

[here's a nice academic summary of mindfulness measures

& definitions from Dr. David Vago at Harvard]


If you find that you would like to extend our working partnership, additional 30-minute meetings at the office would be offered at $40 or 60-minute meetings at $75, for up to 3 hours total. 

Check, cash, credit/debit card accepted. 50% due at first meeting,
50% by fifth hour.


Collaboration with a Partner. Eight-hour package



We can meet for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. We can meet at my office in west Knoxville or, with prior arrangement and a small travel fee, at your home or other location between Turkey Creek and Bearden (for 60 & 90 minute meetings).

Saturday afternoons offered at 10% premium.

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