What Does Mindfulness Really Mean Anyway?

Compelling essay by Sharon Salzberg, monthly columnist for On Being website and author

From Sonima.com

Mindfulness of Discomfort

Invitation to sit with an itch or minor discomfort and permit it to be present

Mindfulness of Thoughts and Beliefs

Cornucopia of Terrific, Diverse Brain Snacks

Discovered at Dr. Neff's site, this is an extensive compendium of mindfulness, meditation, and related practices from a wide variety of practitioners and teachers.  Dozens are free!

What Does It Really Mean to Live Mindfully?

Terrific article found on Sonima.com, written by Marianne Hayes. "Living in such a way pays off on a number of levels. According to the American Psychological Association, mindfulness is linked to reduced stress, improved memory, increased immune functioning, and more."

Happiness as Human Flourishing

A mindful definition of happiness, from On Being, Krista Tippett with Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard [the Dalai Lama's French interpreter) in July, 2017 [read transcript or listen to nearly hour-long program]

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