Not sure if Life Coaching or Therapy is the better path for you at this time?

Life coaching is not an intervention for clinical depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, or other mental health issues. You could consider taking any of the following symptom questionnaires as part of your decision-making. Please note all of these are in the public domain, and they do NOT diagnose specific MH conditions. Just total your answers on each (and keep in mind you are NOT diagnosing yourself, as these are not adequate for that purpose).

There are several kinds of therapists and counselors you can choose from: Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Psychologist (the only one with doctoral-level education). You can start with your insurer's provider listing and/or go to Psychology Today to search for therapists. You can filter your search by specialty, insurance accepted, and many other characteristics. None of these providers will prescribe medications; for such services, you'll want to seek a psychiatrist or an adult nurse practitioner with a mental health specialty.

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