​​The "life" in question is yours, of course.  When you're feeling stuck or uninspired, facing a major life decision,  are out of touch with yourself, or need an ally to hold you accountable to your own intentions, life coaching can reconnect you to purpose and well-being. 

       Now imagine a "coach" or mentor.  Perhaps some of these words come to mind:  encouraging, compassionate, skilled, optimistic, supportive, and focused on the here-and-now and the path toward your successful future.   As Sheri Gaba (LCSW & Life Coach) has put it, "Coaches focus on the manifestation of one's future vision with the potential to make those dreams come alive now with accountability and action steps co-designed by the coach and the client."

        You are the expert about the vision for your life, your core values, and  goals. Your coach brings expert tools to help you renew that vision, clarify and recommit to values, and together you create the essential map to guide the journey to what matters most for your life.  As described on Life Coach Spotter, "Life coaches are like personal trainers for your life goals."

       Click here to review package options. Or request a 30-minute consultation!  And click the compass below for the coaching agreement guiding the partnership with Dr. Susan Fuhr,

A life coach like Susan is not

  • a counselor or therapist or a best friend

  • focusing "on dysfunction, diagnosis, symptoms or the past" (Julia Stewart, School of Coaching Mastery)

  • required to be a licensed or certified professional  [Dr. Susan will not be providing services as a Psychologist]

  • covered by health insurance

  • going to tell you what you should do or what decisions are best for you

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Not sure if Life Coaching or Therapy is the better path for you at this time?

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